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Create a brand’s vicious circle of trust and attention

Video is nowadays a wildly popular and effective medium to convey your message to the world. From fun animation videos, an explainer video in which you tell viewers what it is you do to professionally directed films: you can turn any story into a crowd-puller if you tackle the project properly. But only aiming for a few likes will definitely not get you there just yet!

If you want to make a good video, consistency is the magic word. Time and time again creating videos that could easily be labeled masterpieces. This appears to be quite a difficult issue in practice because attracting viewers is not the same as keeping those viewers. In this article, I will give you some useful tips to reach your goals within this area

Everything starts with storytelling and offering value to your viewers

To keep a steady crowd of viewers, you really have to start from the beginning. So what’s the beginning? Of course: storytelling. Storytelling is nothing more than telling a compelling and fascinating story, taking your viewers by the hand into your world. Stories are as old as people themselves and go from generation to generation. The story that you as a child thought was glorious when you heard it by the campfire has probably already been heard by your great-grandfather! This already says enough about the stability of stories. Stories are literally timeless.

How exactly do you offer viewers value with your story

In addition to a solid story, you also have to ask yourself what you want to provide your viewers with. This is the value of your story. To find this out, you can use the three pillars of attention as an aid. These indicate exactly what it is, that people pay attention to. They consist of: Entertainment, Education and Helping someone.

Entertainment is about making sure that your audience is entertained. If you want to make something that is entertaining, make sure that your video is fascinating and able to pull your viewers in, so to speak. This can be achieved by making a nice animation video, a funny video, an emotional video or an exciting video. Anything that evokes emotions is seen as an added value because emotions are enabling your viewers to stay involved with the video.

The rule of thumb concerning Education is that people like to gain knowledge. And with your video, you should be offering them exactly this. It is important that people view your video and, afterward, feel that they have learned something new. This way you create an expert position for yourself within your niche market as well as credibility and trust. You know what you are talking about!

Helping someone
If you are an entrepreneur or have something important to convey, you generally want to help others with certain issues or problems. This is based on the age-old fact that people have certain talents and skills, that aid in helping others. If you want your video to have the necessary impact, then certainly show your viewers how you can assist them. Your video is, as it were, already part of the solution to their problem.

Suddenly you find yourself within the circle of trust and attention

The points mentioned above provide you with options to adjust both the content and the direction of your motion video. By doing this you create the first basis of trust because you think carefully about your audience as well as their wishes and preferences. People feel that they can go to you, for whatever it is that you have to offer. Do you want to hold on to this feeling? Then the quality of your videos must remain consistent. Consistency leads to lasting trust in you and your brand, product or service.

Tips for consistent videos that radiate trust and reliability

  • Make sure that you are predictable and consistent with your content. People are never confronted with sudden changes and know what to expect from you.
  • Also, be modest and don’t be arrogant, this is never appreciated. Did you make a mistake or fail? Own it. Does anyone have tips for you? Listen. Be humble.
  • Try to be as sincere and authentic as possible. People often pierce through a mask, telling the truth is worth much more and also way easier. Naturally, a sincere person creates more confidence than someone who tries to be better or overly different than others.
  • Be generous and share as much information, content or anything of value for free as possible. People will think you are insane! But at the same time, this strategy puts you in a position of value for your audience.
  • Believe in your content; always. Even though this might make some people unhappy. You cannot focus on everyone and at the same time also please everyone.
  • Be on time and keep promises, even if you have trouble doing this. Force majeure is force majeure but if you have the chance, do everything that you promise. Keeping your promises says a lot about you as a person.
  • Showcase your previous cases or projects that substantiate what you say. Show that you have experience.

Everything that you convey should be part of a long-term goal. This can be as long as 20 or even 30 years. Aiming at short term yields might provide you with temporary profits, but long-term goals are permanent. At first glance, this may seem difficult and it is. But in the long run, you get used to it. Continually keep adjusting your behavior and it will become easier and easier.

You want to be just as successful as the very best, in a world of enormous competition. This means you must also assume that you first have to start building something worthwhile.

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