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How to create converting and measurable videos & animations in 2020.

 We see videos and animations in various shapes and sizes. This doesn’t only apply to the length of said videos, but also to the way the information we see is presented. You will probably recognize the following scenario: the moment you post or advertise a video or animation, this is often accompanied by a specific goal that you have in mind. You want to create attention about the subject you have chosen, yourself or your company. Unfortunately, in reality, the response or result is not always how you intended it to be. Often this is not so much about your idea being bad, but more about how well thought out your preparation was.

A good preparation roughly consists of:

  • Targeting a specific audience
  • The creation of a targeted message
  • Content that fits in perfectly with your brand identity

Start at the very beginning

Before you even start sharing or advertising content, it’s always a good idea to write down a few things for yourself first. This seems like a lot of work in the beginning, but once finished, this template can be used over and over again. You want the video to ultimately deliver the desired result that you have in mind. That does not happen automatically but requires a certain strategy that is focused. Concerning your goal and a close connection to your brand. Before you can properly define what this goal is and what it will look like, you first have to do something else: determine your target audience.

Your target audience

Make sure you have a clear vision regarding your target audience for your video. Who exactly are the people you want to reach with your message? The times of mass targeting are over. This does not mean that this specific strategy does not work! But the success rates are much higher with more targeted marketing. This is because people feel a greater connection when it comes to something that speaks to them personally.

In this article, I will not elaborate on how you can determine your target audience. This is very diverse and there is a massive amount of different ways you can achieve this. Below I want to give an example concerning on how to create a sub-target group, within your current target group:

Incorrect: My target group consists of women and men between the ages of 18 and 30 who are interested in the marketing field.

Correct: My target group consists of women and men between 18 and 30 years old, who are interested in the marketing field focused on Olympic sports within the aquatic category.

What you can see is that I am very specific. Perhaps it is a bit too specific to mention the category. But the point is that these people ultimately view your content or advertisements and also WANT to view this. They need and want to feel personally addressed. With a strict framework, you will connect to fewer people, but the success rate will be higher.

Have you framed the target group in a specific manner? Then the next steps will be a lot easier.

The relationship between a goal and action steps

The next step is to make it clear for yourself which action the video or animation should bring about in the short term and your personal goals for the longer term. Since this overview will aid you to ultimately make your results measurable and thus, you actually work towards something!

It is important to make a good distinction between the goal and the necessary action steps to achieve it. For example, an action step can be:

  • People register, go to your website, follow you, like or share your message etc.

A goal lies just a bit further than that. All these smaller actions must ultimately result in a larger goal that you have in mind. A goal could be:

  • Creating a mailing list to which you want to send a monthly newsletter, to create attention around your company. Which should ultimately result in a project or collaboration with clients.

Something many people go wrong with is that they only have a rough idea of ​​the goal they want to achieve. Yet do not have this written down clearly on paper. Make sure you clearly create this goal for yourself! Because again: with the aid of this smart overview, you can measure the strength of your strategy and, if necessary, increase and/or adjust it where necessary.

2 important factors: commitment and value

This is where the well-known three pillars again return. Ultimately; the point is that if you have something of value to offer, engagement with your audience will be much more likely. But how do you achieve that? The three pillars support you in this:

  • Entertainment: you must entertain your audience. What you offer should be either beautiful, sad, exciting, cool or funny and respond to the emotions of your audience.
  • Education: your audience is also looking for new knowledge. So make sure that you offer something that adds value within the educational field and also makes your audience smarter.
  • Help: help your target group with a problem or problem that they could possibly face. What you offer serves as a solution.

In this article, you can find more detailed information about these three pillars, which are essential for an exciting and successful video.

The final product

If the previous two steps are clear, now it’s finally time for the fun work! Which means to actually work with all this information, in order to achieve a beautiful end product. Choices in the field of design must be made on the basis of the following factors:

  • The target audience and their interests
  • Goal vs. action steps
  • The added value for your target audience
  • Brand identity

All these factors must be considered and taken into account during the making of a video or animation. No matter how long or short it is: short content, animation videos, teasers or corporate videos. You name it. Here is an example concerning a good content campaign:

The goal is to have a target group between the ages of 18 and 30, with an interest in marketing within the Olympic Games in the aquatic category to register for your newsletter. Eventually we will offer them weekly information about this topic and thus; build a community.
A solid action would be, for example, a clearly visible call to action button, which guides them to a blog article where they can then register. The design of this content must match the interest field of the target group. Also; you should certainly not forget to include your own brand identity concerning the choices you make design-wise.

What people often do wrong, is not properly taking their brand identity into account and/or being clear about this. That is why it is important to know where you stand with your company or brand. What exactly you want to stand out and how you want to communicate and position yourself.

This prevents a weak branding proposition and also confusion within your specific target audience.

Measurability and conversion

Through the goals you have set, you can see if you are achieving visible results. This will always be a matter of (re)adjusting where necessary.

The online landscape continues to fluctuate and it is important to constantly adjust your story and objective to these changes. But I firmly believe that if something is well thought out, the chances of success and the desired result will be many times higher than a scenario in which you don’t make this effort.

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16 February 2020 - 05:31

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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