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The length of your video doesn’t matter at all

You will probably hear this often: your video can certainly not be longer than 60 seconds. Or no; better make it only 30 seconds. Wait: 15 seconds is actually even better! Otherwise, people cannot keep paying attention. But is that really true? Not at all! The funny thing is that the length of your motion video has no influence whatsoever on its overall quality. Because if this statement were true: why would people voluntarily pay money to watch movies with a length of more than three hours in the cinema? Beware, there are restrictions on every platform. Be sure to check these as well!

Interesting and long is better than short and boring

The truth is that people would rather watch a few minutes of an interesting educational video, than 30 seconds of something totally nonsensical. The conviction that our attention span has become shorter is partly true, but it is not so much about duration. It has much more to do with handling your viewers’ time with care.

Seeing something that is interesting and meaningful falls into that category. Of course, it’s very inadvisable to cram incredibly complex information into a 5-minute video. Chances are that it will be very boring and also soon forgotten. But for the sake of convenience, let’s assume you are someone who wants to share fun and interesting information. How does that work then?

What it’s all about with videos

Ultimately it is all about attracting and keeping the attention of your viewers. How do you do that? By tuning your video to the three pillars of attention. These consist of:

  • Entertainment: you have to engage your audience by responding to emotions. A video that is beautiful, sad, exciting or funny meets this criterion.
  • Education: your audience is also looking for knowledge. When you make a video, make sure it adds something educationally and literally makes your audience smarter.
  • Helping someone: last but not least, you also need to help people with a certain issue or problem. Your knowledge serves as a solution.

In this article, you will find more detailed information about these three pillars, which are essential in creating an exciting and successful video.

Which way of thinking helps with making a good video?

Some marketing specialists may have some difficulty with the quality aspect of a video because they think more in terms of conversion. Selling or performing is always held the prime position for them. But if you implement one (or preferably all) of the abovementioned points, then your educational video is guaranteed to perform better than a video that is primarily focused on performance and conversion. People are looking for a story. Not a cheap sales trick.

Additional tips to take into account when converting specific content to a video

Of course, creating a profound and strong story is not always easy. Where exactly do you start? What should you think about? How do you write an interesting story and script for your video? And: how do you ensure that your message is as authentic and original as possible? I offer you some practical tips to succeed in all these areas.

Sincerity and originality are both very important
Authenticity is a very important aspect of any successful (educational) video. Did you know that many people can look right through nonsense, insincerities and pure self-interest? The internet is full of transparent sales tricks, weak marketing strategies and ego trips that are only aimed at giving the creator of the video a boost. But as you have already read above: you cannot keep the attention of your viewers if you only think about yourself.
A good story doesn’t have to be spectacular or overwhelming, with all sorts of unnecessary paraphernalia. A good and solid story is often very simple and down to earth. For example like explaining how nice it is, to discuss a complex problem with your colleagues every Friday during TGIF drinks. Or how you have personally solved a troublesome situation, by thinking out of the box. If you combine this with many useful tips for your viewers, you basically have a fascinating story that will be viewed with full attention from start to finish. There is also a good chance that you will receive positive feedback and people will thank you for the inspiration!

Focus on a specific niche
A generic story is fine, but it is much better to focus on a specific niche. Ultimately it is all about:

  1. People benefiting from your story, and
  2. People recognizing their own situation in your story and feel connected as a result

This obviously works many times better if you properly distinguish the group of people you want to reach. And then turn your focus to this focus group, instead of wanting to reach everyone with your video.

The ratio between speed and quality
Try to maintain a good speed in your motion video at all times. A video that is slow can quickly lose viewers, at the same time a speedy video will be hard to follow by laypeople. It is difficult to define this gray area because it differs per person. But we are all able to distinguish meaningless fill-up material from valuable information. Therefore, try not to fill your video with information that does not apply to your goal, because this almost always will have the opposite effect. Unless it concerns information that really contributes to this goal!

Make sure your video is put together properly

Each video must have a certain fluid flow. There are a lot of techniques that you can master and apply when it comes to video editing. For these techniques, I refer you to my previous article, in which I explain what you should pay attention to and which techniques you can apply.

With all these tips in mind, it will undoubtedly be a lot easier to create a solid and interesting video that will really have an impact on your audience. Do you still have questions? Completely normal! Just contact me, I will happily tell you more about my expertise and what I can do for you.

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