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B2S Supersized Kingsday

Supersized Kingsday Festival

Guide visitors of the festival with optimal routing for the best possible experience.

  • Improved traffic flow
  • Boost visitor overall experience
  • Increased affection towards the brand

The Briefing

We pitched B2S with the idea of creating a video animation that would increase visitors overall experience and decrease traffic complications. Translating their current driving guides into animation. When speaking with the organizers within B2S it became obvious quite quickly that there was much to improve and gain on overall traffic flow with their festivals. Organizing festivals takes time and practice but in the end, it all leads up to one single moment or weekend. Preparations and Precautions taken are always massive but in the end, it was up to the visitor to put all the information to good use. We pitched B2S a fitting solution to visualize routing for the visitors. It was and takes time to gain the trust of the visitors since they are quite familiar with routing to these yearly reoccurring festivals. But the results of this first animation have proven great value for the visitors as well as for the organization.

The story we wanted to tell

Over the last couple of years, every visitor or organization that visited the festivals created their own preferred way of driving. This makes sense, these big festivals are known nation wide and everyone is coming from different corners of the country. In which some routing makes sense over others. Thousands of people visiting the festival makes the risk of possible complications more likely. It was our task to translate this information in the most compelling and interesting way possible whilst keeping it short and informative.

Next to providing the information we needed to creative recognition patterns for the visitors. The visitors need to be convinced and that was not something we would simply do by one animation. Changing behaviors take time and therefore it was important to make an intro around that would stick and we could use for the animations from this point forward.  Gaining their trust that it was actually faster.

Only repetition and acknowledgment changes behavior.

The creative process

B2S is known for their high-end video animations. But luckily so are we! Pushing boundaries resulted in a stunning video animation in which we are very proud of and so were they. The main information was routing. The best way possible and easiest to adjust was flat design in this case.

The intro however needed to be spectacular and there were no boundaries visually. The combination of 2D, 3D, and video was what we felt to be the best fit to entertain, attract and excited the young target group. The color palette and the shapes stood in connection with Kings Day.


This video animation has been spread throughout Mailing, their socials and website.

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