Magic Jack

Upgrade your business

Explaining Magic Jack their new Business service.

  • Improved sales journey
  • Increased visitors stay on the website
  • Increased leads

The Briefing

MagicJack for business is a feature-rich phone system for small business owners that needed to be introduced to this service. Therefore Magic Jack needed a video animation which they could put on their website and improve the sales journey of the client and make them consider the service.

The story we wanted to tell

The script was pretty straight forward. Since most think this is all about landlines like we used to know them. We needed to make sure the brand stood out in a modern, formal and visually appealing way. Attract potential customers and keep them engaged until the end so that they are aware of and understand all the positive opportunities and features it can bring to their business. This was our focus point.

Landlines are modern in a different way!

The creative process

Isometric animations tend to perform well when it comes to achieving the feeling of modern yet corporate.  Combining all their wishes and brand assets with our own visualization on how this should look like put up for quite a fascinating look. Pushing boundaries of boring corporate animations

We were provided with their current branding and gave it a whole modernized touch to it with isometric shapes. The color palette was based on the current branding. Secondary colors were chosen based on the same tint as the main colors.


This video animation is being showcased on their website to assist potential new customers into making them aware of the features.

Parallelweg 86, 's-Hertogenbosch, Nederland