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Introduce a new initiative supporting social projects.

  • Increased engagement
  • Increased visitors stay on the website

The Briefing

The new initiative that was going to be launched needed a supporting video animation. In which local participants and establishments of Rabobank were going to be informed on what the new initiative was all about. What was in it for them and how they could participate. It was crucial Rabobanks branding needed to be felt throughout the entire animation. Besides that, there was entire freedom to go in any creative direction.

The story we wanted to tell

The story was pretty straight forward. Information had to be spread on what the initiative was all about and it was crucial to put people to action make them engage and participate. Guiding them step by step throughout the entire process and showcasing different perspectives on this initiative. Provoking people to feel resemblance and joy.

There is no such thing as an emotional connection.

The creative process

Looking at Rabobank and how they present themselves, their initiatives and their core values. In which most of them are surrounded by their clients. Keeping it formal yet light and playful was in our opinion the best way to go. We didn’t want this to be the average corporate video. Design style based we chosen not to go with any 3D. It was unnecessary and wouldn’t add much value to the storyline. The story would do fine in the 2D atmosphere and would be easy to watch and understand for all ages.

The color palette was based on the current branding. Secondary colors were chosen based on the same tint as the main colors. Friendly looking characters and no complicated illustrations.


This content was presented on their website, mailing but they also went door to door showcasing the animation!

No cure, no pay!

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