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Uber WMO


Visually storytell chauffeur routing to increase speed and experience.

  • Increased performance and workflow
  • Increased driver & passenger experience
  • Massive decrease in delays

The Briefing

Uber worlds leading player in the taxi industry around the world. That helps bring passengers safely from point A to B. Besides just being active in big cities, Uber also assists world known Festivals and Events with getting visitors from pick up points to drop off points. Therefor Ubers drivers are being trained and informed up front with the best and most safe possible routing. To deliver the best possible experience for both driver and visitor. Instead of using text, they wanted to find opportunities in the animation field.

The story we wanted to tell

Delivering the instructions in a short and mobile-ready way was crucial. Since most of the drivers would be watching this on their phone and any extra information could cause confusion. Information had the highest priority. However, making it entertaining yet creating a template for future animations would make it fun and easier to digest.

How do you memorize your way around? It only made sense.

The creative process

The one thing that was most important, was that this animation needed to be optimized for mobile since statistics said 80% of their drivers would watch it on their phone. So size was important. The next thing that was extremely crucial was that we needed to make the drivers immersed in the event and the recognize mapping. Starting off with an intro about the event was a great way for immersion. As was the 2.5D creation of the map the scene after that.

The rest of the animation would be flat designed, to keep it simple and create understanding in proportions of road lengths. Overall there are 3 categories to mix it up. Blue resembling festivals / Green for events / Purple for seasonal video’s.


These video animations will be distributed in the week before the event or festival takes place.
Through e-mail to each and every driver that applied for that event.

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